Fish are indeed animals with a system very similar to other blooded animals. So why do some refrain from eating “meats” but accept fish on a plate? This trend can easily come from cultures gone by hundreds of years ago when Christianity dominated; the populations lived mainly off the land such as grains and fish, the average man ate fish while red meats were often a thing of status thus when lent came around and people had to give something up (ala meat) fish was made exempt.

For the past four years I have had pet fish and closely observed the behavior of fish. This is something I had never done before for a long period of time since humans just can’t live under water. My pet fish which are known to be vegetarians themselves surprised me on several occasions when attacking one another or eating large snails that were in the tank. So the myth that fish eat on seaweeds and coral only is completely out of the window. Fish are actually bottom feeders and do just what lobsters and crabs tend to do to sur