I came up with the idea to write about the Ital culture through brethren who I recently spoke with.  I know that this would be different and coming from a more personal approach.  So I mentioned the “Ital” culture… and you’re probably wondering what is Ital.  Ital food is derived from the word "vital food" (Self-determination of the black race resulted in the Rastafari usage of the word 'I" to replace the first letter of many words). Ital food means it is natural, pure and clean food. For a Rastafari it means no salt, no chemicals, no flesh, no blood, no alcohol, no cigarettes and no drugs.

I recently spoke to a self proclaimed ital who was at the same time drinking some Rita sorrel and this probed me to understand that the term Ital is slowly losing its flavor in the hands of many.
 (By the way Rita is a West Indian Carry out in Washington D.C)

After careful studies and observation, I have come to the realization that one cannot possible practice a pure, Ital diet within the borders of the United States of America and thus the term Ital is somewhat losing its flavor in the hands of many. And you may ask why I believe such a thing when many practice an Ital diet, well preparing Ital food starts way before you purchase or pick these foods and appropriately dish them.

The United States of America has been literally built on the backs of many and hence the earth reeks of death and hardship. And with the building of this Nation went the laying of metal pipes, burning and burring of garbage, a broken radiation monitoring system, a hike in factories and air and water pollution.

Now what is purity and how could we possible have pure plants when they survive on nutrients received from the environment. Using store bought fertilizers  are filled with growth enhancers and if you watched my recent post on facebook you can see what caused the explosion of watermelons in Japan- too much growth enhancers. Even if you grow your own consider what is in the dirt below, is this pure land?

Shopping at the most organic stores such as MOMs and Whole foods does not automatically mean pure foods. I have watched the production and packaging of many fruits and vegetables that are in Whole Food chains, they go through the same production line as other fruits and vegetables just a little more precaution is taken to ensure cleanliness and safety.  For example seaweed still comes from the contaminated oceans of China and Japan but because it is sold at Whole foods changes nothing. I recently looked at dried sea weed in Whole foods and the package said “May contain a trace amount of crustacean shellfish.”

So does it matter where our Ital food is grown or simply that it is organic?  I would like to consider the sources and the hands in the pot! Growing up in the Caribbean region I have the privilege of comparing  the two regions, I have seen fruits and vegetables grown on pure land that was handed down for generations and used solely for planting, and I have watched Ital foods being cooked on three stones and fire.  

What is your take on this?

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