If you were standing in a grocery store isle looking for a new taste, you’d probably not be standing there too long if one product was draped in bright colors and shiny wrappers while the other product was wrapped in a plain white paper. You’d pick the colorful product simply because it may appear more appealing and you may begin to think it might taste as good as it looks! 

We definitely eat with the eyes; if you would like to debate this simply answer this question first. Would you be content eating this?
Many studies have been done on this. For example, adults offered six colored flavors of jellybeans mixed together in the same bowl ate 69 percent more than when the colors were each placed in separate bowls. Another earlier study found that moviegoers given an extra-large bucket of popcorn will eat up to 50 percent more than those given a container one size smaller — even when the popcorn is stale

Because colors and presentation are so important many restaurants and food manufacturers add colors and dyes to their food for more visual appeal.  People have been conditioned to apply taste to certain colors. Apart from the colors on your plate, did you know that the colors of dishes, table linens and wall color can all have an effect on your appetite? Some colors can excite your senses and entice you to eat more, while others can actually help curb mindless snacking.

Red = Enthusiasm/ Energy
Orange = Eat with caution/Gusto

Yellow = Memorable/Exciting

Green = Health/Eat without risk

Blue= Appetite suppressant

White = Causes over eating/mindless snacking

Black = Eat with risk

This is important to remember (please keep in mind French fries, bread and popcorn). On the opposite end of the spectrum, white, which is used abundantly in many homes, restaurants, stores and more creates a mindless effect when it comes to your eating behaviors. Foods that are white are said to discourage your brain from caring about consumption and dishware that's all white can encourage over eating and leave you feeling less satisfied.

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